Private Wealth Management – Protecting Your Business

Wealth Management

The private wealth management industry helps manage all the needs of the wealthy business owner or family. These needs can include asset protection, wealth management and accounting for income needs. Clients are presented with solutions to their business and wealth management needs. In today’s faltering economy, protecting your family’s business and assets is essential.

Private wealth managers like Paradigm Capital Management help their clients with day to day investment decisions. Designing the perfect investment strategies for clients so that they have sufficient income and growth in their business is a vital part of the job. Most wealth managers will use a variety of techniques, because the wealthy often live off of their investments throughout the year.

In the business of private wealth management, it is essential to have managers that know their business inside and out. It may sound easy helping a client who has one million dollars live on a portion of that amount, but it is much more difficult than it seems. Because of inflation, a portfolio must return a much larger percentage rate to produce an income level that is comfortable for the client.

By using effective wealth building strategies, you can secure and grow your wealth by 8 to 24% per year! Placing your assets outside of the United States jurisdiction, you can protect your savings from the economic disaster we have been facing these last few months.

People with money are often targeted with lawsuits simply because they are wealthy. Protecting their assets is another job private wealth management companies perform. By having their clients place their money in an off-shore bank account, lawsuits will usually never happen to begin with. There are other methods used for asset protection, but this is one of the most effective.

Clients come to trust their advisors, and often seek advice on topics other than investment and asset protection. Many turn to their advisor or help making decisions such as purchasing a car or other basic needs. An experienced and knowledgeable private wealth manager will be able to assist their client with:

  • Hedge funds, customized capital markets solutions, and other alternative investments
    Wealth transfer including estate planning and tax guidance
    Asset protection, which includes security and insurance strategies
    Helping educate their clients on conscious finance and wealth management.

It is relatively safe to assume that wealthy people know a good deal about off-shore bank accounts. Many may not use this method of asset protection, but it is one of the most effective ways to protect your investments. By learning the proper way to set up a private international bank account in jurisdictions outside the U.S., your assets are well protected. Some of the top jurisdictions are New Zealand, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

If you are wealthy and don’t know as much as you would like about the options available to you in protecting your money and investments, you need a reliable private wealth management firm. These companies not only specialize in helping you with your money and asset protection, they keep your business and family fortune safe.

Paradigm Capital Management is a trusted leader in small cap investing. Our strategies are available through separately managed accounts, mutual funds, and onshore and offshore long/short funds—all of which draw upon the same fundamental research and investment process that have been the key drivers behind our significant, long-term outperformance.

A select group of private clients turns to Paradigm Capital Management because of the firm’s reputation and track record. We encourage you to contact us directly to discuss our approach for helping individuals achieve their financial goals.
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