Paradigm Capital Management Tips on Watching Hot Penny Stocks

This is very often for you to receive information via email alerts or newsletter from websites that offer financial tips or news about hot penny stocks making huge profits on investment. This can be taken as true with some grains of salt as making profits with hot penny stock investments depend on many things and very subjective in nature.


Before making any decision about penny stock trade you must be very careful. It requires diligent research about the companies and shares in spite of following the tips blindly. In most of the cases these tips are so lucrative that investors cannot resist about investing. It is not that every newsletter or alert is wrong, but investing on the basis of these tips only can be troublesome. There are certain points that must be checked through before you go for any decision about penny stock trade. First of all you must cross check the information with the chart. If the stocks are already moved up within last two weeks then chances are there that it will go down. This is very general advice. When you will go in depth about hot penny stocks you will realize that it is not always the case that such stocks can bring you huge profits. Instead you can lose significantly if you invest in stocks that have already reached their peak level and are about to go down.


You must learn the basics of chart reading in order to obtain information on penny stocks that is most critical to make decisions about retaining or selling the stocks. There are no complexities on chart reading all you need to understand is to learn about getting the position of stocks. This helps you to invest into the hot penny stocks at safe point neither early nor too late. It is extremely useful to check on the details regarding penny stock tips to prevent you from any losses. Penny stocks are offered mainly by the companies that comply with least listing requirements and follow few standard procedures. You must go thoroughly about the nature of the penny stocks as they are highly fluctuating and illiquid to trade with you can get profit from these only by having constant watch.


In case you are new investor then you must pay some extra attention to the details about researching out the information on your own without making any hasty moves. Penny stocks are highly unstable and can lend you nowhere if you invest by just going through tips or newsletters with information about hot penny stocks. There are possibilities that hot stocks that you are looking for is done with the moves to confer profits and now it’s time to move out of it. These tips and alerts about hot penny stocks are correct in majority of the cases about movement of the shares but cannot offer information precisely for each and every stock; your discretion is crucial factor.


If you need any help then consult with the experts at Paradigm Capital Management – a trusted small cap investing company. We at Paradigm Capital are focused on a single minded purpose: To ensure that our clients have the best information on which to base intelligent financial decisions in pursuit of superior investment performance.

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Micro Cap Stock Picks – Are They Worth the Risk?

Whatever term you like to use, whether it be penny stocks or micro cap stocks, you probably realize the huge potential there is. There are a lot of folks out there who bet on a stock and won big time.


The flip side is that many people lose a ton of money by betting on cheap equities. The equation of playing micro cap stocks amounts to putting the odds in your favor as much as you possibly can, and attempting to minimize your risk as best as you can.


Let’s look at how to put the odds in your favor to maximize profit potential before you buy a micro cap stock:

  • Identify bullish technical analysis patterns that suggest a break to the upside
  • Monitor news releases and gauge the optimism portrayed within the news
  • Recognize past resistance levels and plan to exit or reduce your position accordingly
  • Check the percentage of shorts in the stock you are interested in, the higher the better
  • Research and recognize future newsworthy events that could negatively or positively affect share prices, for example quarterly earnings release dates or projected dates for announcements on FDA approval of new drugs that have the ability to bring large profits to small pharma companies.


Now we can look at how to minimize our risk when playing micro cap stocks, since undoubtedly there will be some losers:


  • Utilization of stop loss orders, setting them just below previous support levels can save you an absolute huge amount of money if the stock goes south fast
  • Watch news develop concerning earnings power for the company and sell if you find credible evidence that bearish sentiment will prevail by the time the next quarterly earnings release is out
  • If your gut tells you to sell you with a small or moderate loss, do it!


If all of this sounds like gibberish to you, our experts at Paradigm Capital Management recommend that you get a little more familiar with micro caps and stocks in general. However don’t think for a minute this stuff is over your head. If you have a burning desire to make it big by playing the market, then you stand an excellent chance at achieving your dreams. Maybe you just need a little hand holding to get you on the right track.


For more details you can consult with the experts at Paradigm Capital Management a trusted leader in small cap investing. The company employs a disciplined, bottom-up approach with an emphasis on fundamental analysis and extensive management contact.

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