Why Don’t the Financial TV Shows Promote Penny Stocks?

Why don’t these financial shows promote penny stocks if they outperform the blue chips by such a long shot?

The answer is very simple:

These shows depend on ADVERTISING for their source of revenue. The big financial institutions that heavily advertise on these shows do not promote penny stocks. In fact, they do not trade them because the price would suddenly skyrocket if they attempted to put in an order the size they normally submit. The very size of their order would make the price go way up before they could even buy them.

The biggest advertisers dictate the content of these shows – and by and large these are big financial institutions that depend on investors buying into the conventional wisdom of Wall Street to their profits. The “experts” they invite to pontificate their views on their various shows are mostly from these big financial institutions and/or they are intrinsically part of that Wall Street culture. Penny stocks just don’t fit into this world – and in fact, if too many investors started trading penny stocks over the traditional wisdom, these big financial institutions would suffer (doubtful this will happen however).

This is very good news for you. You can take advantage of the fact that penny stocks are NOT being talked about ion these financial shows. You can get in on penny stocks that are poised to really take off in the short term without everyone and their brother knowing about it. In other words, you as a smaller investor can get in on a very lucrative deal at just the right timing to make a lot of money. If everyone knew about these good deals, you’d have far less chance to get in at or near the “bottom” before the price skyrockets. Think about what happens with many IPO’s. There are so many people who know about what’s happening, it can be near impossible to get in before the price goes way up. Smaller investors almost never get in on these IPO offerings.

With penny stocks, you can fly under the radar and get in on the best deals before everyone finds out about them. Now, you do have to be very careful because frankly most penny stocks are NOT worth your investment dollars and are far too risky. However, there are a few true gems out there and if you know what these are, you can literally make a small fortune – and if you have an ongoing source of information about which penny stocks are legitimate and about to escalate in price, you can parlay that small fortune into a massive fortune. It literally comes down to the right information at the right time.

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