Services That Come Under Private Wealth Management

Nowadays, there are various private wealth management companies which are providing prominent quality service to manage the wealth of world’s leading businessmen and their families. The complete wealth management services include wealth protection, estate planning, real estate advisory, family office, international operations etc.


In wealth protection services, a serious and thorough research is done in order to assess and advice the wealthy clients only after understanding their needs. The advice is meant to safeguard the existing & future assets of the clients via structured insurance.


In family office services, the serving company aims to take care of and increase the wealth of the clients for upcoming generations. And, all this is done by using a blend of precisely established mathematical models providing for personal ambitions. It also includes a well organized transfer of wealth for the upcoming generations, which the wealthy families in India use to merge their family’s private wealth. Moreover, this service also covers anything that a client family might need from its own office, and some of them are listed below:


  • Asset Reporting
  • Estate Planning
  • Alternate Asset Classes
  • International Investment
  • Administrative & Tax services


Estate planning is a vital aspect of ‘Family Office’, and is a well-organized transfer of wealth to the consecutive generations. This service has really proved to very effective one in most of the wealthy families in India, as an unplanned progression can result in negative financial consequences for the family and result in avoidable stress and clash between the family members. Nowadays, there are various wealth management India companies that possess highly skilled, passionate and dedicated team to help the clients design a structure to clear & put their dream for progression and permanence of the overall wealth of their family during their lifetime into practice. The various characteristics of estate planning services are listed below:


  • Trust Formation
  • Trust Management
  • Estate Plan Advisory
  • Complex structures like holding companies
  • Preparation of Wills


Paradigm Capital Management is a trusted leader in small cap investing. Our strategies are available through separately managed accounts, mutual funds, and onshore and offshore long/short funds—all of which draw upon the same fundamental research and investment process that have been the key drivers behind our significant, long-term outperformance.

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Trading in Small Cap Stocks – The Trick is to Invest Early

Investing in stocks can be an innovative way of getting higher or even windfall gains if you are careful about choosing the stocks. For this, you need to choose between a mid-cap, small cap and big cap stock for investment. Of course, this classification of stock is elementary and you need a lot more research and analysis before making investment decisions. If you wish to invest in a particular stock, first learn about the company background and study its fundamentals. Before investing in stocks offered by a company, you need to ensure that it is earning profits and can be expected to grow in the future. Here is the guidance the experts at Paradigm Capital Management often make:


Studying the fundamentals of a small cap stock

You will find a number of technical charts for analysis of any small cap stock that you wish to buy. These help you assess the break points, support levels and resistance of a stock option. If all this sounds Greek to you, no need to go into financial jargons as working knowledge is all you need to have. Just bear in mind that resistance level is an indicator of the range to which a share’s price is expected to rise.


Break point is simply the level of investment at which a company gives you a discount on sales charge. Thus, a wise investor invests an amount in a company’s shares which reach the break point, but sells it before the resistance level is breached. This allows the investor to book their profits before any unforeseen circumstance brings down the share prices.


Beyond the basics: Investing early by identifying promising small cap stocks

Small cap stocks are owned by companies with a low market capitalization. However, stocks with even lower market capitalization than small caps are known as micro-cap. These have a market capitalization of $50-300 million while those with a capitalization lesser than $50 million are known as nano cap stocks. Now, bear in mind that a large market capitalization implies less risk in investment and an assurance of returns, although the potential returns are smaller. However, for these stocks, the market capitalization is much lesser, and the risk involved is higher. At the same time, investors can gain high returns when the market trend shows an upward swing.


So, if you are looking to maximize the ROI in micro-cap stock trading, the ideal time could be when the market shows upward trending with signs of long term benefits. Unfortunately, neither independent equity research agencies nor traditional investment banks conduct any research worth talking about on the growth potential of micro stocks. However, some financial news websites are doing an exemplary job of creating market awareness about various promising micro stocks.


When insight on a potentially rewarding micro-cap stock is shared on these websites, they offer basic information and relevant news about the company over the next 3-6 months. Furthermore, they give useful information about financial models, avenues of extensive research and financial tools relevant to the micro stocks to help investors make more informed decisions. In this way, they help in trading small cap stocks early so that investors get the highest ROI.


For more information consult with Paradigm Capital Management, a small cap investing and consulting company. The Paradigm Funds family of no-load mutual funds makes the firm’s small-cap and SMid-cap strategies available to fee-based financial advisors and retirement professionals. Paradigm Funds are widely available on more than 50 no-load platforms.


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Having A Diversified Penny Stock Portfolio

One of the best things about penny stocks is that you can build a massive portfolio without having a ton of money, so money really is no excuse.


If you are going to be a short term trader, jumping in and out of the market several times a day, then you probably don’t need to worry about building a portfolio. You are more of a scalper.


But for those who are more long term, in their thinking, you can build a solid portfolio of small cap stocks with just a few thousand dollars. All you have to do is start looking at all the different industries that are on the market, and pick some of the best small cap stocks within each of the industries.


For example, you can start with penny stocks in the alternative energy field, as there are A LOT of small cap stocks in that industry. Look at the financials on each of these stocks. Does it look stable? Have they been growing consistently year after year? These are just some of the questions you have to be asking yourself.


Just do that for all of the industries and you’ll have yourself a very diversified portfolio. So even though one of your cheap stocks may completely crash, you’ll be diversified enough with your other stocks, so that you it won’t damage your overall net worth. This way, you can build your account slowly and steadily.


For more info consult with our experts at Paradigm Capital Management a small cap company. With a long history of small cap investing and micro cap funds, Paradigm Capital Management employs a disciplined, bottom-up approach with an emphasis on fundamental analysis and extensive management contact.

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